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Someone who was spot on that one and only time. Nivedita cleared the PTE hurdle in her first attempt. She was already working in any MNC when she enrolled in our course. And like many others, she initially took the test quite lightly. But once a mock test gave her a rude shock, she hunkered down and finally mastered it through sheer practice and hard work. I remember painstakingly drawing up the weekly schedule which she followed with great diligence. And it was definitely required. A 79+ in PTE is definitely not easy. It is equivalent to an 8 in IELTS. Both the scores approximate the C1 (Proficient User) level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

Like all my other students, I urged Nivedita to study exclusively from Pearson Official and Pearson-approved third-party study materials. Before taking the test, she studied regularly for long hours. This regularity is the key to success in PTE like in everything else in life. Nivedita went to the extent of taking a couple of paid tests in order to make sure that she was right on target as far as her preparation was concerned.

As you can see, her efforts paid off handsomely.

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