About the Instructor

“Your name is the most important thing you own. Don’t ever do anything to disgrace or cheapen it.” – Ben Hogan.

These words have been forever burnt into my memory. They are directly responsible for the institute’s work ethic – honesty, sincerity, and a no-nonsense attitude to hard work

Hi! I am Samit Sengupta. I would love to interact with you. If you are reading this, then why wait? Let’s get in touch. Call me, or even meet me at the institute. Anything that is slightly more tangible in this digital world.

And then, who knows what wonderful things may happen?

Corporate Training Experience

  • Faculty, NDTV Media Training Institute
  • Visiting Faculty, Amity School of Communication, Gurgaon (Manesar)
  • Visiting Faculty, Amity University, Noida
  • Visiting Faculty, Sound Engineering, Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University
  • Guest Lecturer, Lady Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University

Awards & Certifications

  • Node Agent, IDP IELTS

  • IDP IELTS Train the Trainer certified
  • British Council IELTS Train the Trainer certified
  • Pearson PTE Academic, Train the Trainer certified
  • Sound Engineering & Music Production, Ohio, USA
  • Television Production & Direction, New Delhi 

Academic Certifications

  • Master of Arts, Venkateswara College, Delhi University 
  • Bachelor of Arts, Venkateswara College, from Delhi University

Samit Sengupta

Years of
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