The institute strives to provide end-to-end services for its students. We all are aware that the decision to study abroad is always going to be a challenging one for most folks. That is why, at Samit’s English Academy, we are driven to arm you with nothing but honest, updated, and quality counselling. One that is tailored to your unique needs/requirements. So you can reach an informed decision. Help us help you. The right way.

If you place your trust with us, then, with our team of specialists and experienced partners, we shall be glad to:

Assist you with the entire college/university application process,

Extend visa, including stand-alone visa, services and,

Provide post-landing services.

Influencing careers. Touching lives.


End-to-End Solutions

Our team ensures 24×7 accessibility and streamlines your study plans every step of the way. You are guided and assisted in :

  • your choice of the study destination, course shortlisting, final selection, and application

  • student profile building, appropriate scholarship search and application

  • SOP Writing service

  • student finance

  • the visa application process and follow-up

Let’s get you ready to conquer the world. You have a long journey ahead of you.

The Study Abroad Space

There is a lot to digest about the various aspects concerning your impending adventure abroad:

  • Where do you wish to go?

  • What are the various factors that one must take into account before coming to a decision?

  • What is the process and how to go about it?

  • Knowledge about the eligibility criteria is a must.

  • Also, the dos , and don’ts, which you must be aware of as you negotiate your way.

We shall strive to provide you with expert and updated information here. And in the simplest possible manner. So that, you can easily understand it. It has always been the aim of Samit’s English Academy to create and nurture an interested and informed audience. We hope you will support our sincere efforts to attain that goal. 

Arm yourself. Information is a weapon. Use it


Post-Landing Services

Touch-down on foreign soil is by no means the end of your journey. In fact, it has just begun. And there are a number of issues that are to be tackled on priority:

  • accommodation

  • furniture rentals

  • storage services & essentials

  • part-time &/or full-time job

  • rent guarantor

  • sim card

And many more. Not all equally urgent but essential and important nevertheless.

However, rest assured that our team – specialised in post-landing services – will be happy to take care of your every need, especially when you are far away from us across the seven seas. Samit’s English Academy likes to stay in touch with those who have trusted us with their future.

Once a student. Always our student.

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