Ascent to Peak 79+

I have been guiding students and helping them in their PTE exam preparation for close to 8 years now. And clearly it is much easier to get to 65 than to achieve a 79+ score in PTE Academic. The computer seems to “think” in a particular manner, and if you manage to get around that, then achieving a base 59-75 in PTE does become a distinct possibility. It will then be equivalent to a 6-6.5 band score in IELTS. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) interprets this as the B2 or Competent user level of English proficiency that is typically required “to follow academic level instruction. . .[and] for professional registration and employment. . .” (Understand your PTE Score | Pearson PTE).

But to get a 79+, you have to be in a different league altogether. PTE score 76-90 includes CEFR C1 and C2 levels. C1. These suggest a very high level of English proficiency, and, typically, candidates are required to satisfy this criterion when applying for Australian Skilled Migration Visas. This is an “8-in each” score as far as IELTS is concerned. And no, it is not easy to achieve, not even in PTE. No matter what other wise men have to say. It is quite difficult to chalk up a 79+ score in all the 4 modules in the same sitting itself. 

PTE Speaking suddenly demands content that is neither mere “talk” nor just “high level content spoken in a halting manner”. Rather, it is a fine mix of both. Delivered confidently, in a “natural” tone of voice, and with just the right pauses at the right places. Practice speaking EVERY DAY. It takes time to develop your fluency. 

PTE Reading now requires you to not only finish the majority of the questions but also raise your accuracy level significantly. Neither to merely attempt the questions correctly nor to complete them in time. But to do both.

PTE Writing templates no longer help you reach that elusive level. A good vocabulary becomes a necessity. More than anything this has to do with the use of “uncommon” expressions and simple yet effective language. You are to write in a language that is natural and not composed primarily of ornate words and tortuous sentence structures. It must be an attempt at writing that is characterized by a near-total lack of spelling and grammatical errors. One which has followed all the capitalization and punctuation rules. An Essay or a Summarize Written Text where the content is relevant, the presentation balanced, and the paragraphs sufficiently elaborated.  

All these are required. As if you need anything more!

PTE Listening is “gettable”. But only if you don’t take it easy and remember to practice daily. Got to finish all items in time and get those Write From Dictations correct. Summarize Spoken Text is not as difficult as its counterpart in the Writing module. So, you must ensure that you score well on that front as well. 

Want to move up from 65 to 79+? Simple. You need speed with high accuracy. And ensure that along with all your enabling skills, content also finds a prominent place.

All the very best. Happy hunting!

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