Dealing with the Exam stress? Here’s something for you

Dealing with the Exam stress? Here’s something for you


Hey pals! Let’s have a little chat about dealing with exam stress, staying cheerful, savoring each moment, and unleashing your best self on the big exam day. I’ve got some straightforward tips to make this journey a lot smoother, so grab a cup of something cozy and let’s dive in!


  1. Buddy Up with Time Management:

Time, our sometimes tricky friend, can be a game-changer. Break your study sessions into bite-sized pieces. Give yourself breaks to recharge. Think of a schedule as your trusty map through the jungle of exam stress.


  1. Be in the Here and Now:

Life can get a bit overwhelming, especially when exams are around the corner. Take a deep breath. Whether you’re hitting the books or taking a breather, be fully there. It’s not just about the study grind; it’s about soaking in each moment and enjoying the process. This will not only help you to stay focused but also help you to stay calm. Chris Bailey, in his book Hyperfocus talks about Time-boxing technique- Set a timer for a particular duration and fully immerse yourself in the task at hand. After that time period, take short breaks to recharge your batteries.



  1. Sprinkle Positivity Everywhere:

Kick negativity out the door! Challenges are chances to shine, not roadblocks. Sprinkle positive vibes around. Imagine yourself acing it. Positive thoughts aren’t just good for exams; they make everyday life a whole lot better.


  1. TLC for Yourself:

Don’t forget the superstar in this show—you! Get enough sleep, eat good stuff, and get moving. A healthy body is like a superhero for your brain, and a calm mind is your secret weapon for exams.


  1. Oops Moments Are Stepping Stones:

Failing isn’t the end; it’s a stepping stone to success. Every wrong answer is a lesson. Every stumble is a chance to stand up taller. Turning setbacks into comebacks is a superpower for exams and beyond.


  1. See the Whole Picture:

Take a step back from the stress. Life is like a big, vibrant painting, and exams are just a part of it. Keep things in perspective. It helps you feel less overwhelmed and ready to face exams with a clear head.


  1. Cherish Milestones Along the Way:

Celebrate not just the small wins but also the milestones on your journey. Mastering a challenging chapter? Fantastic! Completing a comprehensive review? Bravo! Acknowledge these achievements, for they are the markers that pave the way to exam success. By recognizing your progress, you build confidence and make the entire preparation process more fulfilling.


  1. Mini Breaks Are Lifesavers:

As exam day creeps closer, take mini breaks. Do things you love. A stroll, your favorite tunes, or a quick read can refresh your mind. These breaks are like little bursts of energy.


  1. Prep for Exam Day Like a Pro:

Have a game plan for the big day. Brush up on important stuff, use relaxation tricks, and make sure you get a good night’s sleep. Confidence is your sidekick during exams, and a prepared mind is a confident one.


  1. Maintain a Positive Support System:

Surround yourself with positive vibes. Share your journey with friends, family, or study buddies who uplift and motivate you. A strong support system can provide encouragement during challenging times, offer different perspectives, and turn the journey into a shared experience. Remember, you don’t have to go through it alone. A network of positivity can be a game-changer, making the process not only more enjoyable but also reinforcing your ability to handle any challenges that come your way.


Wrapping Up

So, dear friends, exams aren’t just about passing a test. They’re about discovering how amazing you are, finding joy in the ride, and becoming a better version of yourself. Now go on, rock those exams, and enjoy every twist and turn of the journey! You’ve got this, and the world is ready to witness your shining success!


About the Author

This post is written by Jaishree Nenwani.

She is the author of a self help book “Tiny Habits Massive Results”. Based out of New Delhi, India Jaishree is an Author, blogger, and homepreneur. She is passionate about journaling and loves to share wisdom and journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and Personal transformation. She writes about Self-improvement, Personal growth, and ways to become happier in your life. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.

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