Succour Your Communication Ability

Communication is an ability by which we wish to express anything to anyone both effectively and meaningfully. I, somehow, feel this is an art and not everyone is an artist. I don’t confine communication as a skill of expressing thoughts and reflections in ENGLISH alone.

Communication can be in any comfortable lingo involving listening, speaking, or empathizing. The Human Brain is comprised of thoughts and expressions. In my analysis, I deduce we all lack in free flow of the promulgation. This is a familiar phenomenon across the planet. I hereby try to break down and share my opinion on how we can address the shortcomings and refine ourselves to become a communication master.


I have termed this an ART, so let’s all try a few tips and tricks to tweak our day-to-day communication. Hopefully, we can also become good artists in this field.


  1. Choose your Audience

It’s a known fact, that we can’t be the same expounder for all types of the audience. Depending on the nature of our current audience we should always be prepared to ever-so-slightly alter our tone, expression, demeanour, posture, and the words/sentences chosen to convey the meaning.

  1. Sense the Difference

We often fail to draw a thin line between oral/verbal communication and written/documented communication. A few of the best practices like body language, eye contact, appearance, and tendency play a vital role in verbal mode while spell-check, semantics, crispness, and formal approach speak more in the written mode.

  1. Think and Frame

Market-proven techniques like MIRROR Exercises, making notes in advance, handy pointers, attentive mindset, prior practices, and drafting enactments will definitely become life saviors to prove ourselves as better communication experts.

  1. Empathy and Compassion

We should always keep in mind to have a positive affinity towards everyone. Equality is a top priority, treat everyone with respect and compassion. Never talk down to anyone. Always start your conversation with SMILE and imprint the mark of a positive attitude after all everyone is equally important and rightful to be forthright.

  1. Be Resourcefully Rich

Reading is the best source to understand and inculcate the skill of communication. There are ample books available in the market where renowned authors share their thoughts and best practices where we can delve into the knowledge and pave a successful way to become an expert communicator.

Hope this information can be a handy aid and help in improving our skills and establishing ourselves as communication experts, after all, “MAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL”. To socialize the key skill needed is none other than communication expertise.


Author Bio:

I am Kiran K Adharapuram, ecstatic techie with 12+ years of experience currently outperforming as ‘Lead Consultant’ in one of the leading top-notch IT companies. With ample technological knowledge expertise and decent IT certifications under my belt plus impactful mastery of database knowledge of market-led providers. Without limiting myself to a vicious “9-5” job, I extended my arms towards my passion to become a successful Bibliophile, Bookstagrammer, Blogger, Social Media Freak, Book Reviewer, Casual Writer, Spiritual Believer, and Occasional Journalling Practitioner.

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