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Kunwar was the “no-nonsense” type of person. I knew it the second he walked into the institute, warmly shook my hands, and got straight down to business. Not for a second was he willing to waste his precious time on meaningless chitchat. From the beginning there was a clear purpose in his mind, and he meant to go about achieving the same in the quickest possible timeframe. He was already working in India and had taken the study abroad route to gain entrance into the country of his choice. He would study, work part-time, gain some valuable experience working in that country, network feverishly, and finally secure a permanent job at the end of his studies. It would significantly increase his chances in getting a Permanent Resident (PR) status.

He has gone through the grind already and is almost home. I wish him luck.

As he himself said to me when I interviewed him telephonically, ” [s]uccess will come to everyone who plan and work towards it and not wait for it to come to them. Find a balance. Life is all about balancing. Do not miss and mix: Be alert. Always.”

Wise words indeed. From someone who has lived them every moment for the past few years. And has seen success at the end of the road. Time for you, my friend, to take heed and follow his advice. There’s a bright future for you somewhere ahead. A beacon of hope for a better tomorrow. Go out there and own it.

What are you waiting for?





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